About Us

Encino Cactus Ranch is a succulent grower in the Santa Monica Mountains. Our water, terrain, and unique microclimate create ideal conditions for a succulent nursery. 


The valley geography, natural springs and porous sandstone soil provide an ideal habitat for California Wild Oaks. Our succulents thrive under their canopy.

The soils in the foot hills valleys are primarily derived from the weathering and disintegration in place of sedimentary rocks, mainly shale and sandstone characterized by a golden yellow to light brown color, occasionally mixed in with exposed granite and gneiss were erosion is more pronounced. The soils drain excessively minimizing conditions for root rot and providing a healthy environment for transplants.

The interior valley thermal belts of the Santa Monica Mountains are sheltered from the cool ocean fog that covers the Pacific coastal areas in the summer. Winters are wet and cool but rarely below freezing. Summers are sunny and hot. The hills generate afternoon breezes that make for mild evenings relative to the Valley floor.


We are blessed to have plants that practically take care of themselves despite benign neglect, over and under watering and no artificial fertilizer. 

Every year we separate the new pups, discard any with visible root rot and replant in fresh cactus mix. 

Our Plants

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